Our Promise

Internal Control System (ICS) Team

– Our belief in quality assurance goes beyond implementing sound procedures and practices. In setting up our in-house Internal Control System (ICS) team, we have a close relationship with our farmers by getting our hands on the ground and working with them daily.
– Our ICS team works hand in hand with our farmers to understand any of their difficulties. – This enables an ongoing two-way dialogue between PT. SARI MANGGAR INDONESIA and our farmers to improve our production process.
With a small ratio of 1 ICS manager to every 20 farmers, our managers are able to ensure – all productions are carried out in accordance with Good Farming Practice guidelines.
This is achieved through constant training and communication with our farmers.


Recognizes that consumers are becoming more conscious of their food sources. We adopted a traceability process which enables us to trace every pack of sugar back to its originating tree.

Advantages of our traceability process

  • Using a completely auditable system, our traceability standards allows us to locate every pack of sugar back to its packing lot, production batch, farmer and tree.
  • Accurate identification and isolation of any problems that arise through the production cycle to be rectified quickly.
  • Traceability promotes accountability and responsibility among our farmers, spurring them to deliver only products of the highest qualtiy.

World Class Packaging Facility

PT. SARI MANGGAR INDONESIA packs in a state-of-the-art facility located in Jogja, Indonesia with the highest standards of certifications for processing.
Regular QC inspections via random sampling in our lab include: – product consistency, seal integrity tests and leak detection.

PT. SARI MANGGAR INDONESIA is a fully integrated producer of Organic Coconut Sugar, controlling the entire production cycle from pre-collection to processing to delivery.
We are committed to our farmers and seek to maximize the rewards due to them
through our integrated operations.
We are able to maintain a single, consistent standard of the highest quality throughout our production.
We take pride to be a symbol of quality, integrity and a leading brand of the market.
This is PT. SARI MANGGAR INDONESIA and this is our assurance.

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