Organic Coconut Sugar

Carefully selected Organic Coconut Sugar originates from the lush Javanese landscape of the Indonesian archipelago. Being a fully integrated producer of coconut derivatives, we grow our own trees, preserve their natural surroundings, support and train our farmers, and harvest the fruits of their labour for delivery or packaging. At PT. SARI MANGGAR INDONESIA,
We believe that passion and excellence make the perfect blend. Our process is grounded in the romance of artisan agriculture and benchmarked to premium standards of production and quality control.
Our passion to share and promote the wide range of locally grown organic and healthy produce, serves as the cornerstone of our business model. Endorsed by several decades’ worth of invaluable experience in the coconut industry, We at PT. SARI MANGGAR INDONESIA are proud to represent the legacy of Indonesia’s rich farming heritage in the global marketplace.

Our Family

 The Company

Originating from the lush Javanese landscape of the Indonesian archipelago, Keraton possesses a rich and ever-expanding farming heritage

-Access to large areas of natural coconut plantations-

-Highly trained and well equipped for modern farming quality-

-Supports sustainable practices that reduce our environmental footprints-

-Follows strict procedures in accordance to Good Agricultural Practices by FAO-

PT. SARI MANGGAR INDONESIA is a fully integrated producer of Organic Coconut Sugar that focuses on the welfare of our farmers, sustainability of our lands
and the well-being of our consumers.

As a fully integrated producer of Organic Coconut Sugar, We manage the entire supply chain which includes the following:

  • Training our farmers and ICS Team
  • Formulation of operating procedures and farming systems
  • Certification of our farmers and processes
  • Collection of quality coconut sap by our farmers
  • Processing of coconut sap into Organic Coconut Sugar
  • Monitoring all aspects of macro-farming system. This includes land cultivation to tree-maintenance and quality control of initial production process*.
  • Packaging in our state-of-the-art facility
  • Tracking of product source down to the specific tree for post-sales servicing
  • Delivery to our esteemed customers

* Initial production processes include nectar selection, collection, cooking and transportation.

Our Certifications

IMC Organic Coconut Sugar is certified with the following :

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